Hooked on You – Keep Your Keys

Ever lose your keys? YEAH!… me too.

The worst was that time when I was on one of those rides at a fair that spins you upside-down. My keys just about literally decided to jump out of my pocket. Worst. The ride attendant was kind enough to help me get them from underneath.


But, yeah. Totally annoying.

So, when I first started out I wanted to fix this issue. And, from there came the Long Key Leash. This was the first Lanyard design. It was great. But, I soon realized that there are a lot of other people out there who’d prefer something a little bit sleeker. Maybe something that’s even simpler. And then… THE MINI KEY LANYARD.


This little dude has been great. Great for both Men and Women; Clip it to your pants belt loop. Or, onto your bag or purse! I’ve gotten a few custom orders that are a slight variation of the mini. And, even had one with an initial monogrammed on it. I’m also getting more orders for these from local shops like L.A. County Store.

I still get a few orders for the Long Key Leash. And, I still have the very first one that I made for myself. But, more recently I’ve been sporting my Mini. Since these pieces I haven’t lost my keys!… and I can get back on those RIDES!!!


About Us!

On this post we’re going to deviate a bit from leather working and get into something a little bit more personal. One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is “So, how did you get started in this?”. My answer usually starts with a smile…

It’s been somewhat of a tradition for a few years now that we take at least one vacation to a National Park. Our first roadtrip to Montana was in 2009.  This trip brought us to Yellowstone and then up to Glacier. Back then we headed out in early October and most of the trails and roads were snowed in at the parks. This really prevented us from seeing some of the major attractions that the parks had to offer…
especially Glacier National Park.

When we got back after that first trip I started fiddling around with beginner kits and starting out on projects for family; mostly projects that I didn’t have to do too much cutting or too much stitching. But it wasn’t too long after that things would change.

We quickly realized that we had to get back to the beauty of Montana. In 2011 we planned our trip and this time went during the summer instead of fall. What a difference this was! We were able to explore so much more, see so much more and do so much more!

So when I smile and think about how I started out I think about ADVENTURE! I think about going out there. Seeing what there is to see. Finding what there is to find. Walking, exploring and having a blast! The Highline Trail in Glacier National Park is definitely a high point on this adventure.  It was there I conceived 2 of my first leather products that I still offer: the long key chain/key leash and the light weight card wallet. These are two essential items that I still take with me.

So, how did I start out doing this? Answer: Curiosity.


Well, that’s it for now. Thanks again for stopping by and checking us out. If you’d like, please leave a comment or some suggestions.

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