As I write this letter…

This past summer we’ve been really super busy. Filling orders. Planning for wedding. Scheduling temporary shop closure. And a Special Summer Guest…


We had the honor and pleasure of having little Ellie stay with us. She was rescued by an organization called Bichon Fur Kids. We offered to be her foster family until she was placed in a forever home. Bailey had a blast having a little foster sister for a while.

-2 -3 -4

Last night a new chapter in her life began. Her new forever family came by to pick her up. She’ll be living in San Luis Obispo with a great new Mommy and Daddy and older Bichon Brother. I know she’s gonna have the best time ever. We’re so happy that she’s got a new home and family that’ll love her forever.

We’ll miss you, Ellie! XOXO


If you’re interested in helping out Bichon Fur Kids you can check out the these links:


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