Basic Leather Working Tools (Part 2)


Hey there! Thanks for dropping by again. If this is your first time around, check out our previous post for Part 1. OK, let’s get at it!…

These are some of the basic tools that I use to create holes in leather.
Starting from left to right:

1. Awl – This is a double flat edge awl. I’ve used this for leather thicknesses varying anywhere from garment/upholstery leather to very heavy 8oz. tooling cowhide. Now, if you notice this one is a double flat edge. By this I mean that the handle is flat on 2 sides. This feature is great if you are frequently picking up and laying down this tool (which is what I do) and prevents it from rolling off of your work area. But, if you choose you don’t have to go with this one. Other awls will pretty much do the same trick.

2. Hand sewing punch – When I’ve got several holes marked and ready I pull out this tool. It’s got a rotating disc with a few different hole sizes you can choose from. I normally only use one size. I’ve indicated the size I use with a blue circle. Now, this tool does have a defect. After several uses the spring will eventually break. You can see this in the picture where I’ve indicated with a red circle.
Unfortunately, I have not yet found a replacement part for this. I am currently in search of another alternative. I’ll keep you posted when/if I do. One other thing to note about this tool is that it’s reach from the edge of your leather will be limited. So, if you’re trying to make a hole that’s 3″ from the edge you might have to reach for your awl.

3. Rotary punch – This tool is extremely handy if you’re working with hardware such as snaps. It’s also got a few different sizes you can choose from. I work with small rivets and snaps and have a couple sizes that are exclusively used. I’ve been able to get this through something as thick as 8oz tooling cowhide. Notice also that the reach of this is limited. If you’re going for a hole that’s too far for the reach you’ll have to get a hole punch with the specific size that you need (I’ll get into this at a later post).

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks again for stopping by and checking us out. If you’d like, please leave a comment or some suggestions.

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