We’ve Moved

SmallKeySkyBlueBackHey kids! It’s been some time… some miles… and a small addition to our family. But, we’re still hangin’ around and we’ll be reopening our online Etsy Shop. We’re no longer based in LosAngeles, California. We’ve settled down in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re still slowly settling in but will keep everyone posted with further details as often as possible. And although the location may have changed a little, our commitment to you remains. Thanks so much for your continued support. It means everything to us.
Handcrafted… NOW in Nashville, Tennessee.



As I write this letter…

This past summer we’ve been really super busy. Filling orders. Planning for wedding. Scheduling temporary shop closure. And a Special Summer Guest…


We had the honor and pleasure of having little Ellie stay with us. She was rescued by an organization called Bichon Fur Kids. We offered to be her foster family until she was placed in a forever home. Bailey had a blast having a little foster sister for a while.

-2 -3 -4

Last night a new chapter in her life began. Her new forever family came by to pick her up. She’ll be living in San Luis Obispo with a great new Mommy and Daddy and older Bichon Brother. I know she’s gonna have the best time ever. We’re so happy that she’s got a new home and family that’ll love her forever.

We’ll miss you, Ellie! XOXO


If you’re interested in helping out Bichon Fur Kids you can check out the these links:


Hooked on You – Keep Your Keys

Ever lose your keys? YEAH!… me too.

The worst was that time when I was on one of those rides at a fair that spins you upside-down. My keys just about literally decided to jump out of my pocket. Worst. The ride attendant was kind enough to help me get them from underneath.


But, yeah. Totally annoying.

So, when I first started out I wanted to fix this issue. And, from there came the Long Key Leash. This was the first Lanyard design. It was great. But, I soon realized that there are a lot of other people out there who’d prefer something a little bit sleeker. Maybe something that’s even simpler. And then… THE MINI KEY LANYARD.


This little dude has been great. Great for both Men and Women; Clip it to your pants belt loop. Or, onto your bag or purse! I’ve gotten a few custom orders that are a slight variation of the mini. And, even had one with an initial monogrammed on it. I’m also getting more orders for these from local shops like L.A. County Store.

I still get a few orders for the Long Key Leash. And, I still have the very first one that I made for myself. But, more recently I’ve been sporting my Mini. Since these pieces I haven’t lost my keys!… and I can get back on those RIDES!!!

Unique Goods

Los Angeles is home to some of the most creative people and is a hotspot for local businesses. UniqueLA Spring Show staged in Downtown Los Angeles during the first weekend of May. It was great time to shop for Mom right before Mothers’ Day weekend. Here are a few I went to check out:

Standard Wax:
Based out of Arizona, Standard Wax is a brand owned and managed by a creative duo.
Standard Wax

Sock brand based out of Orange County, CA and manufactured in Highpoint, NC.
RicherPoorer Socks

PF Candle:
Based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Concrete Geometric:
Hand crafted Geometricly shaped concrete planters and other cool products. And, since it was May 4th I thought this appropriate:

On the GO!

It’s been a while since our last post. Sorry about that. We’re gonna keep it short and just give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to…

Since last I posted we went on a quick vacation to Sequoia National Park. We spent a few days in the great outdoors among some of the biggest trees. We took a stab at metallurgy (we could not melt this nickel):


And, on our last day leaving we spotted this dude:


So, since then we’ve pretty much been BUSY BUSY BUSY! We’ve gotten together with RaisCase and worked on straps for her new Fanny Packs – the Vida!


They’re made with Pendleton patterns, solid brass hardware, and black leather straps.

We’re also in the works to get some plant container hanger straps done for
Concrete Geometric:


Check them out!